jSyncManager Java-based Server Sync System
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jSyncManager Java-based Server Sync System


Open Source, Satellite Forms sync components contributed by TechnoDane Software & Systems, LLC




Java capable desktop/server OS (Linux/UNIX/Windows/MacOS) syncing Palm OS handheld platform via serial, USB, and network sync




server, sync, PalmOS, wireless, network, USB, Java, Linux

The jSyncManager is an open source, Java implementation of a HotSync compatible protocol stack, set of data abstraction objects, development tools, and applications allowing developers and end-users to synchronize Palm OS devices with any Java based system. HotSync your Palm with jSyncManager and Java.

USERS: Looking for a single Java Palm sync solution for your PalmOS-based handhelds that will run on all your organizations systems? The jSyncManager will run on Linux, OS/2, Windows, FreeBSD, Solaris, Mac OS X, and any other Java enabled platform.

DEVELOPERS: Want to provide PalmOS-based handheld data synchronization support to your application? Looking to build your own data synchronization application based on the jSyncManager engine? Looking to write a platform-neutral conduit for your databases that will work on any platform? The jSyncManager can help.

Satellite Forms Application Developers: Michael A. Schwarz of TechnoDane developed a Java library to synchronize Satellite Forms data on PalmOS devices using jSyncManager, and has contributed that library to the project as open source.  This library was written to support a specific client. TechnoDane built a field force automation application for Palm OS using SatelliteForms 6.1.1 and had over 100 users using network sync through jSyncManager using this library.  The library has been released under the LGPL and included in the "contrib" folder of the jSyncManager project. It was written by Michael A. Schwarz and is "owned" by his company, TechnoDane Software & Systems, LLC.  TechnoDane is happy to provide assistance in using the library. Contact Michael at mschwarz at technodane.com.

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