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SatFormsDev Discussion Forum


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The SatFormsDev Discussion Forum is an online forum for Satellite Forms developer discussions and related announcements. Membership is open to everyone, and while visitors can read the message archives, you must subscribe to the forum in order to post messages. Membership is free.

You are encouraged to post questions (and answers!) regarding anything and everything related to Satellite Forms.

You can participate in the SatFormsDev forum through any or all of these methods:

Subscribing to SatFormsDev

Start by subscribing to SatFormsDev by going here:

The web forum interface to read/post/search messages is available here:

Remember that you must log in to the forum to post messages. To log in to the web interface so that you can post messages, go here:

Access via newsgroup

The nntp newsgroup access is here: news://

Note that you need to log in to the news server to post messages, with the username and password that you subscribed with.

Email mailing list access

The email address for members posting to the forum is:

Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the different options to view and participate in this forum. The web interface does have comprehensive user help available by clicking on the little blue question mark icon in the top right corner.

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