OneBridge Mobile Data Suite
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OneBridge Mobile Data Suite


Sybase iAnywhere





Windows Server for Palm OS and Windows Mobile Pocket PC data synchronization




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OneBridge Mobile Data Suite delivers the ability to extend enterprise systems to mobile devices easily. OneBridge optimizes and automates many of the difficult tasks associated with mobile applications, greatly reducing the amount of time it takes to develop a mobile enterprise application. Application developers no longer have to be concerned with the properties of the network, how to synchronize the data, how to integrate to enterprise systems or how to deploy and support the application. OneBridge solves all of these problems so developers can focus on building functionality and value into their mobile solutions.

OneBridge Mobile Data Suite is a robust development suite for accelerating application development on mobile devices. With a broad range of development features, OneBridge Mobile Data Suite provides tools for every level of application development experience. So whether you are an enterprise developer, an independent applications developer, or part of the IT team charged with deploying and maintaining applications, OneBridge Mobile Data Suite provides a powerful foundation upon which to deliver mobile data to the workforce.

iAnywhere OneBridge Mobile Data Suite enables enterprises to develop and deploy rich business applications on mobile devices. Its enterprise mobile architecture delivers both a high degree of reliability and extensive backend integration to legacy enterprise applications. For mobile workers, OneBridge allows flexibility and investment protection by enabling enterprises to extend additional business applications to their existing devices.

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