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TechnoDane Software & Systems, LLC



Palm OS, Pocket PC


Custom Application Development, Training

TechnoDane's founding partner is a software developer with over twenty years experience developing custom software applications for businesses. We are always interested in partnering with small business to develop interesting applications. Businesses like yours are often not well served by custom software. It tends to be either too expensive to hire professional services, or it tends to be amateur-quality developed by inexperienced developers.

We avoid that by only taking on jobs that fit both you and us.

We have a great deal of experience in developing handheld and mobile applications. We particularly like to develop for the PalmOS family of devices, not because they are the best or most powerful, but because they are the least expensive, both for us and for our clients.

Contact us for more information:

TechnoDane Software & Systems, LLC

Attn: Michael A. Schwarz

24235 Northridge Avenue

Rogers, MN 55374


Tel: 763-482-2157



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