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PocketPC (Windows Mobile 5+)

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camera, photo, image, video, JPG, 3GP, WM5

WM5Camera is a plugin extension that enables your Windows Mobile 5 and higher applications to capture photos or videos on camera-equipped devices. Photos are saved to .JPG files in the folder you specify. Videos should be saved to .3GP files in order to be compatible with MMS standards among mobile phones.

The WM5Camera extension relies on the Windows Mobile Camera Capture API as defined by Microsoft. However, some device makers have not implemented the APIs exactly as Microsoft intended, thus there may be some behaviour differences between devices from different manufacturers. For example, on the Palm Treo 750 with Windows Mobile 6 Professional, the Width and Height parameters are ignored when capturing photos. Instead, the Treo 750 just uses whatever the last selected photo resolution was in the Pictures application. The developer can in fact change the selected photo capture resolution by directly modifying the following registry key:


       Change the DWORD value named Resolution where the value






Video recording should use either of these 3GP MMS sizes if they are supported by the device maker:



and the video filename suffix should be .3GP

DocID: 10202  DocDate: 2008-05-28