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The Premier RAD tool for PalmOS and PocketPC application development

SatelliteForms.net is the home of the Satellite Forms rapid application development tool for PalmOS and Windows Mobile/PocketPC devices.

New Release: Satellite Forms V8 Is Here!

Satellite Forms is a visual integrated software development environment (IDE) that makes it easy to create data-driven applications for PalmOS and Windows Mobile/PocketPC devices. Satellite Forms is an ideal tool for business and enterprise developers looking to build custom mobile applications, or to transform processes typically performed on paper to an electronic format for improved productivity and efficiency. Satellite Forms allows you to create usable, real-world applications without writing a single line of code. Even more sophisticated applications require minimal scripting or coding to implement.

Satellite Forms is also extensible, allowing you to add additional functionality and peripheral support using any of the 3 dozen included extensions, over 80 commercial extensions from PalmDataPro.com and other third party developers, or you can create your own using the Satellite Forms Extension API.

Barcode scanning with ease: Satellite Forms empowers you to create barcode data capture and lookup applications on both the PalmOS and Windows Mobile/PocketPC platforms. Satellite Forms supports handhelds with integrated scanners, SD and CF card scanners, and Bluetooth scanners, from numerous manufacturers including Symbol, Janam, Aceeca, Intermec, Unitech, Honeywell, Datalogic, Socket, and more!

To learn more about Satellite Forms, explore the Information section. To purchase Satellite Forms, request a free trial version download, or for technical support, click on the Products and Support link. For more information, please use the Inquiry button at the bottom of a product page, or the Contact Us link at the top and bottom of any page.

Already use an older version of SatForms? Check out Whats New in Version 8 in the Support Files section, then go to the Products section for Upgrade details.

Latest News: July 15, 2010: Satellite Forms Version 8 Released!
Updates: June 28, 2010: SatForms Patch 72503 Released - contact support for details
Extensions: Feb 24, 2011: PalmDataPro SF-HTTP-PPC now supports UPLOADING files via HTTP!

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