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NH SoftWerks LLC




Palm OS, Pocket PC


Custom and packaged mobile application development including data collection applications, synchronization, and back end integration.

Mobile Application Development Services

Increasingly, companies are deploying mobile application solutions to empower their employees in new and powerful ways. Carrying, accessing, or collecting vital customer information on a handheld device can offer a significant competitive advantage.

NH SoftWerks has over a dozen years of experience in the development and deployment of custom handheld/mobile applications using Satellite Forms on a variety of platforms including the Palm OS and Windows Mobile/Pocket PC.

Whether your company is looking to develop in house systems, develop and deploy commercial software as part of your business, or you are an independent software vendor (ISV) looking to outsource or jumpstart a mobile addition to your existing product line we can help.

Contact us for more information:

NH SoftWerks LLC

161 Ash Swamp Rd

Newmarket, NH 03857

Tel: +1 603-659-4664

Fax: +1 603-658-1315

Email: sales@nhsoftwerks.com

Web: http://www.nhsoftwerks.com

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