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OS, system, utilities, SysUtils

SysUtils is a plugin extension that implements several handy OS functions for both PalmOS and PocketPC devices. Wherever possible the same functions are implemented on both platforms, but due to OS differences, some functions only apply to one specific platform. For example, the PocketPC provides Registry read/write functions, while the PalmOS provides Preferences read/write functions that are more or less equivalent.

Method                         Description 

SU_BlockAllHotKeys                 Blocks all hotkey keypresses, but does not send a keypress that can be caught in the OnKey event. 

SU_CheckSystemPassword         Returns 1 (true) or 0 (false) depending if the passed string is the current system password or not. 

SU_ClipboardTextGet         Get the current text clip from the system clipboard. 

SU_ClipboardTextSet         Paste the passed string into the system clipboard. 

SU_DelAppPref                 Deletes the saved preference given creatorID and pref index. 

SU_GetAppPref                 Returns the saved preference value given creatorID and pref index. 

SU_GetBatteryPercent         Returns current battery charge level as a percentage (0-100) of full. 

SU_GetDeviceID                 Get the device unique ID string. 

SU_GetDeviceModel                 Get the device model string to help identify the device. 

SU_GetMemInfo                 Get the amount of available memory. 

SU_GetOSVersion                 Get the OS version string for the current device. 

SU_GetOwnerName                 Get the device owner name. 

SU_GetPlatform                 Get the device OS platform string, either PALMOS or POCKETPC. 

SU_GetPluggedIn                 Returns 1 (true) if AC power is currently connected or 0 (false) if not. 

SU_HotSync                         Initiates standard cradle hotsync by enqueuing HotSync virtual keypress. 

SU_LaunchApp                 Launch a specified application/document/URL, and pass an optional parameter. 

SU_LaunchAppAtEvent         Launch a specified application/document/URL at a specified system event. 

SU_LaunchAppAtTime         Launch a specified application/document/URL at a specified date and time. 

SU_ModemHotSync                 Initiates standard modem hotsync by enqueuing Modem HotSync virtual keypress. 

SU_ParseDelimText                 Returns a chunk of data in a string of delimited items. 

SU_PasteChars                 Paste a string to the keyboard input queue as though it was typed in. Input goes to the control that has the focus. 

SU_PowerOff                 Power off the device now, as if the power button had been pressed. 

SU_QueueVirtualKey         Post a virtual key to the keyboard input queue. Input goes to the control that has the focus. 

SU_RegDeleteKey                 Delete specified key from registry and all settings within it. 

SU_RegReadKey                 Read specified key setting value from the registry. 

SU_RegWriteKey                 Write specified key setting value to the registry. 

SU_Reset                         Soft reset the device. 

SU_SetAppPref                 Saves the preference value for the supplied creatorID and pref index. 

SU_SetAutoOffTime                 Sets the auto-off timer on the Palm. 

SU_SetDeviceDateTime         Set the device date and time to the passed value 

SU_SetHotKey                 Trap a hotkey keypress so that it sends a keypress that can be caught in the OnKey event. 

SU_SysIdleTimerReset         Reset the system idle timer to prevent the device from dozing off into sleep mode. 

DocID: 10194  DocDate: 2008-05-28