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Standard Satellite Forms component (SF 7.0+)


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PalmOS 5.x

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navigation, focus ring, Treo

FormNavHelper provides functions for handling the Treo-style focus ring form navigation system on newer Palm handhelds, such as the Treo 600, 650, 700p, Tungsten T5, Tungsten E2, LifeDrive, T|X, and Z22. 

Functions include:

    HasFormNav - Returns whether this device has form nav support.

        USAGE: hasnav = HasFormNav()

        Return values are:

        0 - form navigation not supported on this device

        1 - V1 form navigation support (Treo600)

        2 - V2 form navigation support (Treo650, T5, TE2, LD, TX,

            Z22, etc.)

    GetNavState - Returns current form navigation state.

        USAGE: navstate = GetNavState()

        Return values are:

        0 - form navigation disabled

        1 - Application Focus Mode - app must handle all form nav

            itself (like disabled)

        2 - Object Focus Mode - system automatic 5-way form navigation

            mode (focus rings active)

        3 - Field Edit Mode - form nav enabled but edit field

            currently has focus (focus ring not shown)

    SetNavState - Sets current form navigation state.

        USAGE: SetNavState( navstate )

        Use state value as explained above in GetNavState

    GetNavControlFocus - Gets the index of the control on the current

        form that has navigation focus.

        USAGE: indexstr = GetNavControlFocus()

        NOTE: The control index is returned in the format Cnnn which

        differs from the string returned by the control.index value

        (which is %Fnnn.Cnnn).  Use the Right string operator to

        compare this index to a control index,

        eg: indexstr = GetNavControlFocus()

            If indexstr = Right(control1.index, 4) then

    SetNavControlFocus - Sets current form navigation focus on

        specified form object.

        USAGE: SetNavControlFocus( control.index )

DocID: 10167  DocDate: 2006-10-02