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Beam DB


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beam, infrared, IR, Bluetooth, send

PxBeamDb uses the Palm OS(R) Beam Manager to provide useful routines to send Palm files over an IR connection.  PxBeamDB now also supports the Sending of databases over Bluwetooth, on BT-capable PalmOS devices.

Scripts API

All methods are global.

            Usage:  [Name of Method]

            Example of usage:  PBD_About()


Shows about box.


Returns the version of this extension.

PBD_BeamDb(integer, integer, string, string)

Sends Palm Db over IR. 

Example of usage:  PBD_BeamDB(Local_ID, Card_No, File_Name, Desc_Name) where 'Local_ID' is the local ID number of the file to be sent, 'Card_No' is the memory card number where the file is located, 'File_Name' is the full file name of the file, and 'Desc_Name' is a descriptive name that informs the user what file is being sent.  This method returns a True if it succeeds.  A False if it fails.  For more information on how to get 'Local_ID' and 'Card_No' information please see the Data Manager extension.

PBD_SendDbByName(string, string)

Sends Palm Db specified by name, giving user option to select transport method (Beam, Bluetooth, SMS, VersaMail, etc.).

Example of usage:  PBD_SendDbByName(File_Name, Desc_Name) where Desc_Name is a descriptive name for the user.

DocID: 10141  DocDate: 2006-10-02