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Satellite Forms 8 Now Available!

July 15, 2010

Thacker Network Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Satellite Forms 8, available now! Satellite Forms 8 debuts numerous new productivity-boosting features, building on the previous 7.x release. This includes bug fixes, the addition of new script language keywords, new extensions and sample projects, and updated documentation. Version 8 delivers several improvements for both the Palm OS and Windows Mobile/PocketPC platforms.

Satellite Forms on PalmOS and Windows Mobile

Here's a quick look at some of the enhancements in the latest version of Satellite Forms:

  • New capability to add color to forms and controls!
  • New integrated runtime -- the SatForms runtime engine and your launcher icon are merged together!
  • New capability to display a splashscreen image while your app is loading!
  • New Tables Search, Lookup, and Backup script functions
  • New native barcode scanner controls for Honeywell and Datalogic scanners
  • New GetAppName, GetAppCreator, and GetAppVersion application properties added
  • New FindFiles extension to search for files and folders
  • New HyperLink control makes it simple to add colored, underlined text links that respond to pen taps
  • New sample demonstrates how to integrate your Satellite Forms app with Google Maps for Windows Mobile
  • Numerous bug fixes, detailed in the Satellite Forms 8 documentation

New Software Maintenance Options Available

Starting with this new release, we've updated our technical support and software update policy for Satellite Forms. Your purchase of a full version or upgrade license for Satellite Forms 8 will include two technical support incidents, and all software updates(*), for a period of 1 year. Software maintenance packages can be purchased to extend coverage for additional years, and single tech support incidents may also be purchased. *A software update is defined as a minor version release (eg. version 8.0 -> 8.1) or a patch release, and does not include major software version upgrades (eg. version 8.0 -> 9.0).

If you have Satellite Forms 7.x, you can upgrade to version 8 at a discounted cost.

If you have an older version of Satellite Forms, you can upgrade from SatForms 4.x, 5.x, or 6.x to version 8 and save.

The full version of Satellite Forms 8 is available now in our secure online store.

Build business-critical mobile apps for the Palm OS and Windows Mobile platforms with Satellite Forms 8!

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