Versid Temperature Acquisition Module
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Versid Temperature Acquisition Module


Versid, Inc.



Windows Mobile, PocketPC, PalmOS (Symbol 17xx/18xx series, Palm III series)


Qualified developers contact Versid sales, royalty free distribution license


Versid, temperature, probe, Symbol, Bluetooth

The Versid temperature acquisition module provides laboratory accuracy temperature readings over the range of -200 F to +600 F and is compatible with widely available type K thermocouple probes that use the industry standard two prong mini-plug connectors. They are factory calibrated and traceability certificates are available.

Using simple Satellite Forms scripting commands temperatures can be read and displayed directly on the screen and/or easily stored in tables. Both F and C readings are supported, or create a function to display temperatures in a custom scale. Updates can be automated by placing script commands inside the OnTimer event.

Acquired temperatures can easily be compared to standards and/or limits to generate alarms, pass/fail indications, or to indicate corrective actions. Timestamps can be saved with each reading to create logging applications or to establish traceability for inspection data.

Typical applications include food safety monitoring and inspections, manufacturing process logging and monitoring, water temperature monitoring in hospitals, environmental temperature monitoring and a wide range of laboratory bench applications.

A developer's kit including the Satellite Forms plug-in, sample code, and descriptions of all supported functions is available to qualified developers for a fee and comes with a royalty free distribution license. More information can be found at the Versid, Inc. website:

Telephone:        1-800-505-3197

International:        +1-973-784-1103


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