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PalmOS (V2.0) and PocketPC (V1.0)


Commercial, per developer, royalty free redistribution


http, tcpip, web, get, post, wireless, https, SSL

SF-HTTP is an SFX plugin that allows SatForms applications to transfer data to and from an HTTP server, over a TCP/IP connection. Versions are available for both the PalmOS and PocketPC platforms.  It implements an HTTP client capable of GET and POST functions. The PalmOS version can also be used to implement your own TCP/IP socket protocol instead of HTTP, with "raw" socket read and write functions.

SF-HTTP enables you to send and receive data via HTTP over any TCP/IP connection on the device, such as a dialup modem PPP connection, CDMA/GPRS connection, or 802.11 wireless LAN. It uses the standard HTTP protocol to communicate with most common HTTP servers.

NOTE: SF-HTTP is not a web browser! It does not interpret or display HTML formatting at all. It is an HTTP client for transferring data back and forth to a server over TCP/IP using the HTTP protocol.

It supports HTTP Basic Authentication (username and password).

SF-HTTP 2.0 for PalmOS supports the SSL-secured HTTPS protocol!  SF-HTTP 2.0 for PalmOS also supports the transfer of binary files, enabling you to download PRC/PDB and other files directly to your PalmOS device.

SF-HTTP for PocketPC supprts the standard HTTP protocol only (not secure HTTPS).  SF-HTTP for PocketPC supports the transfer of text data, but does not support the transfer of binary files.

DocID: 10024  DocDate: 2006-10-02