IPC PP-55 Mobile Printer
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IPC PP-55 Mobile Printer


Manufactured by DATECS and distributed by Infinite Peripherals Inc.




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The PP-55 makes your PDA/Smartphone a more powerful tool. Simply slide your handheld into the PP-55s custom cradle and create a powerful, portable enterprise solution. The standard PP-55 allows you to print information from your handheld. The PP-55MS integrates a three track magnetic stripe reader. The PP-55MS-BC integrates a SymbolŪ CCD barcode scan engine with the printer and mag stripe reader.

The PP-55 works with a great number of handhelds. With its low price and versatility, the PP55 is a great solution for portable applications.

Satellite Forms Extensions:

Palm OS

Satellite Forms Palm OS Extension: http://www.ipcprint.com/sysprodserv/arquivos/SFormsSDK_v2_12-1-2005.rar

Printer Config Utility (required): http://ipcprint.com/sysprodserv/arquivos/DatecsPrint-PalmOS_v2.12_Lib55.zip

Pocket PC

Satellite Forms Pocket PC Extension: http://www.ipcprint.com/products/productsDetails.asp?codigo=231

Printer Config Utility (required): http://www.ipcprint.com/products/productsDetails.asp?codigo=231


Available versions:

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