Handheld Competence
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Handheld Competence




Palm OS, Pocket PC


Application development, extension development, developer training

Handheld Competence offers experience for many years in Satellite Forms for Palm OS programming and outstanding knowledge in execution and management of international software projects. Due to experience of many years within the hardware and software development for embedded systems and Palm OS handheld devices we provide deep knowledge in the design and the development of custom specific enterprise level software. Additionally we are specialists in extension development for Satellite Forms for Palm OS especially for driving external hardware (e.g. serial, Bluetooth, IrDA). Beside software development and consulting services we offer training courses and workshops for Palm OS developers in Europe and worldwide, whether at our training facility in Germany or at your site.

Contact us for more information:

Handheld Competence

Dipl.-Ing. Univ. Jochen Hammer

PalmOS Certified Developer

Handelsstrasse 7

D-91166 Georgensgmuend


Fon: 0049 9172 700 672

Fax: 0049 9172 700 673

Mobile: 0049 172 84 23 828

Email: info@handheld-competence.de

Web: http://www.handheld-competence.de

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