Bachmann PrintBoy SDK
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PrintBoy SDK for Satellite Forms


Bachmann Software



PalmOS, PocketPC (PrintHTML only)


Commercial, per device


Print, PrintBoy, Bachmann

PrintBoy SDK for Satellite Forms provides powerful printing tools, API's and printer drivers for developers using Satellite Forms development environment.

Choose from three powerful Editions of our PrintBoy tools for Satellite Forms:

PrintBoy SDK, Reports Edition

PrintBoy SDK Reports Edition is a full-featured set of tools for designing and integrating sophisticated printed reports into your mobile application.

PrintBoy SDK, HTML Edition

PrintBoy SDK HTML Edition lets you print standard HTML directly from your Satellite Forms application code.

PrintBoy SDK, Basic Edition

PrintBoy SDK Basic Edition is a low-cost developer kit that lets you make use of basic printing instructions to produce simple printed output.

A free trial version is available for download.

DocID: 10079  DocDate: 2006-10-05