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Satellite Forms 7.0 Patch 70004 Released

While a new Satellite Forms 7.1 full release is nearing completion, an important Patch file for Satellite Forms 7 was released November 5th and is available to download. This Patch contains updated runtime engines ( for both the PalmOS and Windows Mobile/PocketPC platforms, and updated MobileApp Designer desktop components. Full details of the bug fixes and changes are included in the patch documentation text file.

This is a cumulative patch that also includes all of the changes from Patch 70001, 70002, and 70003. Therefore, you do not need to install any of those patches prior to installing Patch 70004 (nor does it cause any problems if they are already installed). The patch documentation includes the complete description of changes made since the release of SatForms 7.0.0. Please read the description of changes thoroughly (especially the changes to MobileApp Designer that may require you to recompile your application), and follow the patch install instructions in the documentation text file.

Patch 70004 includes several important bug fixes, so we strongly recommend applying this update to your system.

The 70004 Patch download instructions were emailed directly to Satellite Forms 7.0 customers on record. If you did not receive the download instructions, please contact Satellite Forms technical support here: so that we can get these important updates to you.

This patch is for Satellite Forms 7 Full Version only, and cannot be used with the Trial version. An updated Trial version will be released shortly after Satellite Forms 7.1 has been released.

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