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Welcome AppForge Developers

March 23, 2007

We extend a special welcome to handheld application developers that have been using the AppForge development tool. It is our understanding that AppForge Inc. has unfortunately gone out of business as of Tuesday March 15, 2007.

Naturally, AppForge customers may be concerned about the future of their handheld applications when the company providing their development tool is no longer in business. We expect that many AppForge developers will explore alternative handheld development tools, and we want you to know that we welcome and encourage you to give our Satellite Forms development tool a serious look.

Build business-critical applications for the PalmOS and Windows Mobile platforms with Satellite Forms 7.0!

Satellite Forms is a mature cross-platform handheld RAD tool that makes it easy to create custom applications for Palm OS and Windows Mobile/Pocket PC devices. Satellite Forms allows you to create usable, real-world applications without writing a single line of code. Even more sophisticated applications require minimal scripting or coding to implement. The Satellite Forms scripting language is a version of BASIC, making it accessible to developers of all skill levels. Satellite Forms is also extensible, allowing you to add additional functionality and peripheral support using any of the 3 dozen included extensions, over 80 commercial extensions from and other third party developers, or you can create your own using the Satellite Forms Extension API.

License Information

Satellite Forms is licensed on a per-developer (individual) basis. A single developer may install and use Satellite Forms on up to two (2) PCs at one time (for example one desktop PC and one laptop), but each individual developer requires a separate license. The handheld applications and conduits you create with Satellite Forms are royalty-free. You can utilize Satellite Forms to create an unlimited number of applications, distributed to an unlimited number of handheld users, with no royalty fees. There are no per-device runtime engine license fees for Satellite Forms.

About Our Company

Thacker Network Technologies Inc. acquired the Satellite Forms product from Intellisync Corp. in January 2005, and has expanded and improved Satellite Forms significantly since that time. Prior to the acqusition, Thacker Network Technologies Inc. had been developing and marketing commercial add-on extensions for Satellite Forms, and building custom handheld applications using Satellite Forms, since August 2000. Thacker Network Technologies Inc. is a privately held company located in Alberta, Canada. Our company is financially secure, and the Satellite Forms business is both profitable and growing.

The current version of Satellite Forms is 7.0, released October 2006. Development of Satellite Forms 7.1 is underway, and will be available as a free update to SatForms 7.0 customers when it is released, with enhancements for both the PalmOS and Windows Mobile/PocketPC platforms.

Special Satellite Forms Transition Incentive Available for a Limited Time

For a limited time, developers who have been using AppForge can switch to Satellite Forms at a special discounted price of US$579 per developer. Proof of an AppForge license is required for this offer, and this offer will expire on May 31, 2007.

The Transition Incentive program has now expired. However, AppForge developers can still qualify for a discount when purchasing Satellite Forms via the Competitive Upgrade offer. In order to qualify for the Competitive Upgrade discount, you must include the code "APPFORGE" in the Comments field of your order, and must provide your proof of license to us via fax or email at the time of order. To take advantage of this discounted price, please place your online order for the "Satellite Forms 7.0 Upgrade from Competitive Product" listed in our online store at, or contact our sales department by telephone at 1-888-282-4868 in USA/Canada, or +1-403-782-5432 internationally.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Satellite Forms developer community, and we look forward to providing you with the right handheld development tool to ensure your market success now and in the future.

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