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Satellite Forms 7.0 Now Available!

October 16, 2006

Thacker Network Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Satellite Forms 7.0, available now! Satellite Forms 7.0 introduces several exciting and powerful new features, building on the previous 6.1.1 release. This includes the addition of new control properties, new script language keywords, new extensions and sample projects. Version 7.0 delivers improved database performance and synchronization for the PocketPC platform, and improved compiler speed in App Designer, plus many more improvements.

Satellite Forms on PalmOS and Windows Mobile

Here's a quick look at some of the enhancements in the latest version of Satellite Forms:

  • PocketPC applications can now use the more efficient Palm DB (PDB) format for handheld devices tables, in addition to Microsoft Compact Database (CDB) format, for improved performance, rock solid synchronization, and 100% data table compatibility between the PocketPC and PalmOS platforms.
  • Satellite Forms applications can now utilize the expanded screens available on some PalmOS devices such as the Palm Tungsten T3, T5, LifeDrive, and TX.
  • PalmOS applications can now support high density (hi res) bitmaps and icons.
  • The performance of the application compiler in App Designer has been dramatically improved for complex applications that make extensive use of global functions and subroutines, reducing compile times. One beta tester reported an 18000% speed increase compared to SatForms 6.1!
  • New .SetPosition and .GetPosition methods have been added for Satellite Forms form controls, enabling you to determine and modify the location and size of controls on the form at runtime.
  • New .Popup method has been added for droplist controls, to pop up the droplist list via script command, and for edit & paragraph controls to pop up an automatic keyboard.
  • New .Font method has been added for Satellite Forms form controls, enabling you to determine and modify the font used by a control at runtime.
  • SFConvertPDB is a new commandline utility included with Satellite Forms 7.0 that enables you to convert database files from PDB format to/from DBF or MDB format, on the desktop PC.
  • A new sample synchronization tool and developer utility called SatSyncPPCPDB is included. SatSyncPPCPDB demonstrates how to send and receive data between the desktop PC and PocketPC handheld.
  • New BatteryInfo, UnitechScan, LaunchURL, LaunchReturn, and FormNavHelper extensions added.
  • Bachmann PrintBoy extensions and sample projects have been added to Satellite Forms. This includes the HTML Edition extension for PocketPC, and the Basic, Reports, and HTML Editions for PalmOS.
  • CeRemote.lib and CeRemoteAPI.h library files have been added to document the public functions of the CeRemote.dll for transferring files between the desktop PC and PocketPC.
  • The Deliveries sample synchronization app now includes support for both PalmOS and PocketPC synchronization (using the SF ActiveSync OCX and CDB files), including ink capture & display on both platforms.
  • Updates to the SatForms documentation files, KnowledgeBase, and Satellite Forms Solutions Guide.

Build business-critical applications for the PalmOS and Windows Mobile platforms with Satellite Forms 7.0!

If you have Satellite Forms 6.x, you can upgrade to version 7.0 at a discounted cost.

If you have an older version of Satellite Forms, you can upgrade from SatForms 3.x, 4.x, or 5.x to version 7.0 and save.

The full version of Satellite Forms 7.0 is available now in our secure online store.

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