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April 24, 2006

PalmDataPro SF-HTTP V2.0 extension for PalmOS now available!

SF-HTTP for PalmOS

The PalmDataPro SF-HTTP extension for PalmOS has been updated to version 2.0 with several significant enhancements:
  • It supports SSL-secured connections using the HTTPS protocol in addition to standard HTTP. Secure HTTPS is available on devices running PalmOS 5.2 or higher (SSL support was added by PalmSource in PalmOS 5.2).
  • It supports the downloading of binary files including Palm PRC/PDB databases as well as any native PC file, over HTTP and HTTPS.
  • It adds support for the HTTP PUT, DELETE, and HEAD commands.

SF-HTTP extension

SF-HTTP is an SFX plugin that allows SatForms for PalmOS applications to transfer data to and from an HTTP server, over a TCP/IP connection. It implements an HTTP client capable of GET and POST functions. SF-HTTP enables you to send and receive data via HTTP over any TCP/IP connection on the Palm device, such as a dialup modem (eg. PalmModem on an M505), CDMA/GPRS connection (eg. Treo650), or 802.11 wireless LAN (eg. LifeDrive or T|X) It uses the standard HTTP/HTPS protocol to communicate with most common HTTP/HTTPS servers.

Some potential applications for SF-HTTP include:

  • transferring data in your application to/from a web server using standard CSV text instead of using Hotsync
  • downloading data updates (eg. inventory or customer tables) direct to your Palm device remotely via the internet
  • uploading customer survey data to a web server application direct from the field
  • much much more!

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