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Satellite Forms Future Direction

Many customers have inquired about future plans for Satellite Forms, now that it is a Thacker product. This document describes some of the short term plans and longer term goals for Satellite Forms.

The near term plan is to enhance SatForms by adding new features and functions to the core language, by creating new extensions for both the PalmOS and PocketPC platforms, and by providing quality technical support.

Examples of possible core language enhancements include features such as:

  • support for displaying high density bitmaps on capable devices
  • script and SFX APIs to efficiently copy table records

Examples of possible enhancements to native controls include:

  • an option to have listboxes and droplists where the items are managed by code without requiring a list source table
  • onclick events for more types of controls

Examples of possible new extensions for PalmOS and PocketPC include:

  • TCP/IP sockets, text file, and serial port extensions for PocketPC
  • support for larger and rotatable screens on newer PalmOS devices
  • data encryption solutions for PalmOS and PocketPC

The longer term goal for Satellite Forms is simple: to maximize the capabilities and performance of Satellite Forms applications on the PalmOS and PocketPC platforms.

There are no plans to target other device platforms at this time. We aim to do whatever it takes to make Satellite Forms the first choice for business and enterprise application developers on the PalmOS and PocketPC platforms.

We encourage you to let us know how you think Satellite Forms can be improved to reach this goal. Please submit your ideas and suggestions via the online support form, using the Feature Request support category.

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